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The Origins of Tsaatan People

In Europe and in Asia, indigenous individuals have lived together with reindeers for a huge number of years. In Mongolia, portrayals of flying reindeers have been cut in more than 500 rocks, known as "reindeers shakes", some of which some more than 3000 years of age. 

In northern Mongolia, one of these individuals is called Tsaatan or Dukha. Initially Tuvains – Altai's Turk individuals – these reindeer herders live in the woodlands close to the Khuvsgul Lake and in Russia. Their genuine populace is roughly comprised of 40 families."Tsaa" implies reindeer in Tsaatan dialect: Tsaatans are in this manner "the individuals who live with reindeer." But this is a Mongol assignment. They want to call themselves "Individuals of the Taiga." 

The Tsaatan Life 

They carry on with a basic and hard life, mirroring their way of life and common habitat: the taiga. They live from chasing, picking, and basically from reindeer drain and meat, which is to a great degree rich in fat and vitamins. 

The reindeers are at the core of the Tsaatan culture. They give meat and drain, regardless of whether in little amounts. The reindeers' woods falling each year to achieve their full size amid the mating season give a noteworthy pay to families. And in addition being a wellspring of nourishment and salary, reindeer likewise give calfskin and hide to the Tsaatans, and numerous different items, which can be utilized for exchanging. 

These well evolved creatures are unified from the taiga and its lichens. The lichens are key to the reindeers in light of the fact that fundamental to their intestinal greenery, and just develop in the taiga. 

Concerning the outrageous icy winter temperatures, reindeers survive on account of their ability to control the temperature of their body. By diminishing the temperature of the blood streaming in their legs, they can build the temperature in whatever is left of their body. 

Hence, taiga, lichen and reindeers are the very center of the Tsaatans' way of life and lifestyle. They relocate with their crowds looking for pastures, constantly close to the taiga and its lichens, overcoming frosty winter temperatures and staying away from mosquitoes pervaded regions amid the late spring. Reindeers being extremely touchy to bugs' nibbles, the Tsaatans live in the coldest northern parts of Mongolia, winters and summers alike. 

They live in tipis throughout the entire year, in extremely essential conditions, beds laying straightforwardly on the floor, and a basic stove to confront the chilly and ungracious Siberian winter. 

The Tsaatans, who saw their way of life annihilated amid the soviet time – constrained settlement amid cooperation period, loss of their groups, killing and imprisoning of shamans – are today undermined by the oil business, which demolishes the lichens imperative to their reindeers.

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