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The Khazak People And Their Craft

Demography of Kazakh People 

Speaking to 5% of the aggregate populace of the nation (about 100,000) Kazakhs are the biggest Muslim people group in Mongolia. They have their own particular Turkic dialect and culture. The greater part of them lead pretty much a roaming peaceful life in the Bayan-Ölgii (rich support) territory in western Mongolia. 

Khazak Craft And Decoration 

Their customary yurts are called "kiiz yi" (House of felt). Albeit bigger, its appearance is like that of a conventional Mongolian yurt. Once inside, the distinction ends up self-evident: flawlessly hand weaved drapes, pads and felt floor coverings improving the inside. The felt rugs are typically used to sit and consider and in addition for petition. 

They are likewise given as a feature of an endowment. All the felt items are made by ladies and young ladies of the tribe. Once in a while creature stows away can be discovered hanging inside the yurt,symbolizing the ability of the man of the house as a talented seeker passing on their insight. 

Young ladies are started into the craft of customary Kazakh weaving and begin sewing straightforward examples from the age of 9. By the age of 14-15 they are relied upon to create a full cover. When they wed, they move in with their better half's family. 

Kazakh craftsmanship makes additionally assume a part in the spatial and social association of the ger, its tenants and their exercises. This association mirrors the pecking order followed in the family unit. Each question has a unique place and an extraordinary part for a particular individual. 

The learning procedure is mentioned through objective fact, redundancy, and individual innovativeness. It adds to the agreement of the tribe and is an assurance that their social esteems will be transmitted to the people to come. 


A standout amongst the most unmistakable Kazakh crafted works is the "syrmaq", a stunningly dynamic felt tangle/cover made of felt. Some "syrmaq" producers are eminent and their style, unique examples and utilization of shading. The perplexing examples on the cover are first cut in felt before being sewn on. 

They should be sliced to fit a 'goldilocks' estimate, not very huge or not very little. Some say expansive examples are an indication of lethargy for the producers as they are simpler to cut and sew. By the by, designs that are too little are said to be unsatisfactory, making the syrmaq free. To put it plainly, a great syrmaq must be tough, agreeable and tastefully satisfying.

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