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The Amarbayasgalant Monastery

The Monastery of Tranquil Felicity is one of the three biggest Buddhist focuses in Mongolia is situated close to the Selenge River in the Iven valley, at the foot of Mount Buren Khaan of Selenge Province in northern Mongolia. The closest town is Erdenet which is around 60 km toward the southwest. 

The structural plan has a place with Zanabazar and the religious community itself was worked to respect the memory of him. Searching for a site for building, the exploratory gathering met two young men, Amar and Bayasgalant, playing in a steppe, and chose to fabricate the future cloister at that site and name the religious community after those youngsters. Worked in the vicinity of 1727 and 1736, it is one of the not very many cloisters to have incompletely gotten away from the devastation of 1937, after which just the structures of the focal area remained. The whole substance: the tankas, statues and original copies were plundered by the Communists or covered up until luckier circumstances. Reclamation work started in 1988 and a portion of the new gods were authorized in Delhi, India. 


The excellence, improvements and development of the religious community have made it a standout amongst the most brilliant design landmarks in Mongolia, as well as in the entire Asia. The religious community was built up by request of Manchu head Enkh-Amgalan Khan, to esteem and offer regard to Zanabazar, his aptitudes, astuteness, insightfulness and achievements. One hundred thousand langs (=3830 kg) of silver from the state finance were utilized to construct an eminently styled put for Buddha educating and hone in respect Zanabazar. 

Initially, Amarbayasgalant Monastery comprised of more than 40 sanctuaries based on the uncommon porch, encompassed by a divider, estimating 207x175m. Just 28 sanctuaries now remain, they have been under State security since 1944. The measure of its Tsogchin (principle) sanctuary is 32x32m. Its development communicates the arranging highlights of the Mongolian national design and building arrangements are extremely unique. One of the intriguing arrangements is directing of rooftop water through within four sections, under the floor, through stone scores and far from the Tsogchin sanctuary. 

Today around sixty beginners and appointed priests, who took after correctly the administer of Vinaya, are in living arrangement and rehearsing Dharma to make extraordinary advantage for every single conscious being. The religious cover moving "Tsam" was very created in the Buddhist cloisters of Mongolia amidst the nineteenth century, mirroring the custom of Secret Tantra, however Tsam was last performed in 1937. In 2002, without precedent for a long time the Tsam move was performed again at Amarbayasgalant.


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