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Perfect Dwellings for People on the Move

The Mongolian ger or yurt is the ideal staying for peaceful migrants; as needs be, they have been utilized for a huge number of years in that piece of the world. Gers are portable, can be pressed up and put on a camel or bulls' back or on a truck. Gers are lightweight however solid. Since they are round, they can withstand the breezes that continually blow on the steppes. The dividers are made of latticed, confounded adaptable wood, and are around 6 feet tall. The rooftop is cone shaped, with around 80 posts running from the dividers to the crown, a roundabout ring to which all the rooftop shafts are appended. The dividers and rooftop are secured with thick, warm felt or unwoven fleece. A wooden entryway or felt fold gives the passage to the ger. 

A ger can house from 5 to 15 individuals, contingent upon its size. Additional divider areas called khanas can be added to augment the ger as the family develops. Inside the ger, the correct side is for the men, the left for the ladies, with a chimney or stove in the middle. Smoke can exit through the crown of the rooftop or the crown can be shut with a felt fold amid awful climate. Development of a ger; take note of the cross section dividers and the rooftop shafts. Later the dividers and rooftop are secured with thick felt to make a waterproof staying 

During the evening, a family would resign to the ger to cook and eat the night dinner. Beddings would be unrolled and put around the fire for resting. While there may be seats and seats round the dividers of the ger, more often than not there were no beds. Individuals mulled over the sleeping cushions that were moved up and put away the following day. 

Mongolian wanderers ran wherever with their gers and their groups, and they moved three or four times each year. They would move from southern fields in the winter to mountain valleys in the late spring; at times they would move to crisp fields so the crowds could eat. Felt dividers and rooftop protected the gers so they were generally warm in the winter and cool in the late spring. 

Gers could be perfectly enhanced within with splendidly shaded woven mats. Swinging from pegs on the dividers were all sort of capacity packs made of cowhide, cooking actualizes, hide caps and coats and different things of day by day utilize. On the men's side of the ger would be the seats and tack and different instruments utilized by the men. On the ladies' side would be the kitchen zone where ladies arranged nourishment. 

Gers could be brought down or placed up in a hour with one more hour spent pressing them on the backs of camels or bulls. On the other hand, a whole ger could be put on a truck and drawn by bulls. Genghis Khan's ger was moved thusly. Gers went with the Mongols wherever aside from when men left for war. A warrior band may take a couple of gers with them, yet most would rest outside amid times of war.

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