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Mongolian horse

Steeds are a decent methods for transport and create meat and drain for utilization. The stallion populace in Mongolia is positioned the seventh biggest on the planet after China, USA, Russia, Brazil and Argentina, and Mongolia is the best positioned nation for the most noteworthy number of steeds per capita. 

In 2007, the stallion populace was 2.2 million, including 5.5% of the aggregate animals populace. The stallion populace is spread equitably all through the nation; 35% is in Khangai locale, 19% in the Western Region, 22% in Eastern district and 1% in the Ulaanbaatar zone. 

Analysts have demonstrated that the Mongolian stallion is moderately little measured, reasonable as a methods for transport and for family unit utilize, adjusted to, and tolerant of unforgiving climate conditions. 

Mongolian steeds have a solid nature to administer to and ensure their foal, capacity to choose field, come up short on obscure places and utilize their faculties to anticipate the atmosphere. It is recognized by exceptional attributes from different breeds, for instance the group stallion has a distinct number of horses and does not mate with his own female posterity, driving out youthful fillies. 

The breed is little estimated, simple to mount and descent from, exceptionally reasonable for kids, the elderly and ladies. There are various types of steeds, for example, simple paced horse, ambler, pacer and trotter horse. It has a rich appearance which pulls to people groups' advantage. Aside from being utilized for riding and meat generation, the stallion gives the travelers their favored drink - airag, which is aged and marginally alcoholic horse's drain. 

The Mongolian steed has reproducing attributes to direct a rearing system for hustling and running stallions and additionally determination by meat and drain generation. 

Race stallions lose 12-15% of their aggregate weight in the wake of preparing alongside body dissipation and loss of minerals. In this manner, in the wake of preparing, race stallions ought to be treated with fluid supplements and concentrated recovery treatment. 

An all around prepared stallion can pass twisting streets with mountains and streams. For instance, a grown-up race steed can cover 28-30 km inside 32-35 minutes, a stallion and 4 year old steed "Soyolon" can cover 22 km inside 30-33 minutes and 31-33 minutes individually. 

Mongolian stallions have a unique capacity to uncover dry grasses from under the snow and bolster themselves. Field with 10-20 cm of snow is reasonable for local steeds. Utilizing such field, steeds survive the winter season. In winter time, Mongolian stallions can be fed in cold field with 0,27-0,37 gram/cm3 snow thickness and 22 (10-41) cm of snow profundity. They can ordinarily field in twist velocities of 8-10 m/sec and in addition can utilize field at - 35 to - 400 Celsius. 

The breed has a similarly high limit with regards to transport (in connection to its body weight). Transport stallions can be utilized for 240-290 days of year and can cover 70-80 km for each day. It can convey 1/3 of its body weight over long separations. 

Mongolian stallion is little estimated, can possibly use as a methods for transport, is sufficiently solid to convey loads for long separations and can smother hunger. A very much prepared steed with great sustaining administration can cover 200 km for every day, 2500 km inside 40 days and 4800 km inside 90 days. 

Mongolian stallion breeds are recognized from each other by their body compliance, capacity to race, resistance and profitability. There are the accompanying breeds in Mongolia: 

1. Tes 

2. Galshar 

3. Darkhad 

4. Mayngad 

There is a genuine need to create explore on hereditary ancestries between breeds, strains and natural, physiological, etiological and biological qualities identified with age, sex, season and condition at territorial level and make short and long haul rearing projects for meat breeds and dashing steeds.


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