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Mongolian Goat

Mongolians have raised goats for quite a while. In 2009, they made up the most astounding number (19.3 million) of the animals populace. Mongolian goats are little measured, solid in climbing bluffs and rough mountains to achieve the most nourishing piece of plants. Primary items are drain, meat, cashmere and kemp-hair. 

Goat meat is rich in protein with low fat. Travelers utilize goat meat in making dry meat ("Borts") which is devoured in spring and also extraordinary methods for cooking meat named "Boodog", and "Khorkhog". 

Goat stows away are utilized as a part of making coats with the hide outside, "Deel" – a conventional ensemble produced using kid covers up, and handling as calfskin and chamois.

Building up the "Gobi" cashmere processing plant had a solid impact and as of late, the sum and kind of cashmere items have expanded fundamentally. This has prompted an ascent in the cost of cashmere, which expanded by 3 times over the most recent 17 years, and the salary from goat items has contributed a considerable measure to herders' employments. 

Goat drain content is fundamentally the same as human drain. It is low in fat, rich in protein and is very edible. Amid the lactation time frame, a babysitter goat can create 50 liters of drain which would give a higher wellspring of wage than cashmere.

Mongolia has 19.6 million goat which comprise of following breed and strains: 

1. Mongol goat breed 

2. Enjuul 

3. Zalaa Jinst white breed 

4. Erchim 

5. Bayandelger red breed 

6. Buural 

7. Ulgii red 

8. Gobi Gurvan Saikhan 

9. Mountain dark colored goat (Uuliin bor) 

10. Altay red

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