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Festivals And Holidays


Naadam is likely a standout amongst the most famous occasions in Mongolia. For three days, onlookers can watch wrestling matches, horse races, bows and arrows and bone flicking. Something beyond a donning occasion, this occasion is likewise a chance to mess around with the family and companions, test neighborhood road nourishment and attempt airag (aged steed drain). 

The biggest occasion is held in Ulaanbaatar on the 11thand twelfth of July. The more customary however littler festivals happen in and around the wide open. Voyagers searching for a more valid affair may pick this alternative. 

Horse Racing




Tsagaan Sar 

Tsagaan Sar, or Mongolian new year, is a vital occasion observing renewal.The conventional dish of this occasion is the "Uuts": the back of a sheep cooked utilizing steam to be served and eaten in the place of the most seasoned individuals from the entire family. Tremendous measures of "buuz" (dumplings) are likewise arranged and devoured. The centerpiece of the table is a huge grouping of layered bread rolls enlivened with bits of sugar and sweet. The measure of bread rolls that visitors are given rely upon their age: three for adolescents, five for middle-age couples and seven for grandparents. 

Initially, Tsagaan Sar was a customary roaming agnostic festival and the new year was praised in fall, before the winter season and the lessening of drain generation. The holidayadopted a Buddhist inclination after Khubilai chose to coordinate the Mongolian New Year with spring's first new moon in February.Tsagaan Sar being extremely prevalent, religious organizations were obliged to incorporate it in their framework and the date of the yearly festival is figured by the lunar logbook. 

The Ice Festival 

It is held in Khatgal in Northern Mongolia in February (Khovsgol territory). In the event that you are in Mongolia amid the winter, this is an unquestionable requirement see. You can partake in rivalries in ice angling, crosscountry skiing, ice skating. 

– The Thousand Camel Festival 

Happens in the town of Bulgan in southern Mongolia (DUNDGOBI) on March6thand 7th.It is conceivable to watch camel polo, camel shearing and exhibits of group gathering. 

The Golden Eagle Festival 

Initiates in fall in the Bayan-Ölgii territory. Home to the Kazakh people group, this uneven locale is situated in the westernmost piece of Mongolia. 

The celebration of the Sagsai Eagle chasing is a noteworthy neighborhood event.In two days you can encounter the bright parades and exciting rivalries. The headliner where coaches contend is an affair like no other. The trainerstest their hawks' speed, dexterity and precision through shifts chasing shows. 

This celebration will convey you eye to eye with these great winged animals of prey in their untainted regular environment. You will likewise get a look into the lives of the interesting Kazakh individuals who have sustained and kept alive this exceptional convention.

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