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Development of the religious community started in 1904 and was finished four years after the fact. It was shut in 1938 and most likely would have been obliterated had it not been spared in 1942 to fill in as a historical center exhibiting the 'medieval' methods for the past. There are five sanctuaries inside the grounds. The primary sanctuary highlights statues of Sakyamuni (the verifiable Buddha), Choijin Lama and Baltung Choimba (the instructor of the Bogd Khan), whose embalmed remains are inside the statue. There are likewise some fine thangka works of art and a portion of the best tsam veils in the nation. The gongkhang (defender house of prayer) behind the principle corridor contains the prophet's position of authority and a wonderful statue of yab-yum (spiritualist sexual union).  bronze statues of different divine beings, some made by the popular Mongolian stone worker Zanabazar; and Amgalan Süm, containing a self-representation of Zanabazar himself and a little stupa obviously conveyed to Ulaanbaatar by Zanabazar from Tibet. The sound guide offers point by point data, and there are additionally volunteer aides who can answer your inquiries. The complex is situated off Jamyn St, with the passage on the south side. The T50,000/100,000 charge for photography/video implies it's for the most part one for experts.

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